Yasmin Rebecca

The Sweet Seven Five

Hey. Welcome to my little space on the internet, The Sweet Seven Five. ✌️

If you're new here, I'm Yasmin, a twenty-four year old Mancunian based in the wild wild north west of England. I'm a city kid through and through, but I love travel and in recent years have found myself in a permanent state of wanderlust - which is why here you'll find plenty of travel anecdotes and ideas for your next adventure!

I love a decent cup of tea (as does any true northerner), going out for dinner, listening to hip-hop, shopping for new clothes, ANYTHING from Lush Cosmetics, faux fur, glitter, sequins, lying on sandy beaches, taking in pretty views and watching mesmerising sunsets. I also love capturing pretty sights - as you'll probably guess from my Instagram

I started blogging as a bit of a side hobby back in the summer of 2015 and it has become something I'm not only passionate about, but something I can use as an escape when I need some me-time. Here I don't just share with you outfits that I love or the latest beauty-buys I'm using, but I share with you my thoughts, feelings, anecdotes and memories. It is for me not just a website, but almost a diary of my adventures.

Anyway, enough of my rambling - I hope you enjoy having a peek around here and follow me on Twitter for all my latest updates. 💋
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